Evident leap from common "vj" projects is in painterly and performative relation towards image, which is expressed in uniqueness and authenticity of it.

We would dare to say, that all our audiovisual performances are a critical response to digitalization of the society. They represent an opposition to ideology of quantity. That is, besides influences of digital technology, the collective perception of social reality. The structure of that perception is often based on simplification of complex relations, which are constructing the world.


Organ: Prepared performance #3, Matej Stupica and Small but dangers, Vitja Balžalorsky, Brks Jaka Berger, U3: 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia: Resilience, MSUM, Ljubljana 2013, in cooperation with Mladi levi. (photo MSUM Ljubljana)


Organ: Prepared performance #1, Matej Stupica and Small but dangers, Vitja Balžalorsky, Jaka Berger, Vidim Tresk, February 2012.


Untitled, KAPSULA project space (Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.), Ljubljana, november 2011.

Guest: Marko Brecelj.

We begin with the feeling that there exists a kind of inability to influence the surrounding world and communicate with it. At the same time, we have the sense that this seemingly impotent part of language is precisely what determines relationships and enables the shaping of meaning. To put it another way, the search for the truth that lies behind the media surface is based on the ideological assumption that truth is concealed from the eyes. Thus the gaze is directed away from what the eyes see. We constantly try to peek behind the surface of the image and constantly recognize the futility of doing so. This may well be because the image is a mental construct and thus has no surface behind which anything can hide. If the truth can be revealed, this can happen only through the image.

Photo: Dejan Habicht. Camera and editing: Miha Deisinger.


VORTEX MAGNOLIA performing on Fanima.Tu (Animation Film Festival) with support of SMALL BUT DANGERS analog visual workshop. On 2nd October 2010.


Siphony, International group exhibition SPLAV MEDUZE(Zavod Celeia Celje – Center for Contemporary Art Celje, curator Marko Stamenković) in Likovni salon Gallery, Celje. September 2009.

It was our intention to point out the structure, which enables us to create a meaning and distort it to the point, where it becomes partially (not completely) senseless.

Camera: Simon Macuh, editing: SBD


Exhibition of finalists for OHO group Award, Center and gallery P74, Ljubljana 2008

Besides theatre and audio-visual projects, which we produce with analog projectors, we have started to explore the use of these devices in galleries. This time, instead of developing the methods we are already using, we have decided for static, lasting form of photography. We have tried to produce a number of compositions and motives, effect of which is based on dialectical relation between social and personal, physical activity and contemplative observation.

Igor Španjol: Nominees for OHO group award in gallery P74, Ljubljana 2008.


Visual concert of Moveknowledgement and Small but dangers at Kinodvor (Ljubljana, Slovenia) - final event of Animateka 2007

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