a) Frlauf is beautiful!

Frlauf is not a motif. It can be its background, it can even be around or on it, but it can never become it. Despite this Frlauf is not demotivated.

Frlauf makes every motif more beautiful.

b) Look! See how it is present everywhere? It is omnipresent!

There, now you know why we find life so beautiful. Because it is shadowed by Frlauf. To illuminate life better, we took the sky from it and returned it to the picture.

c) It is difficult to make a beautiful Frlauf.

It takes discipline, good technique, planning and time. Despite this the making of Frlauf does not take a whole man just his skilfulness. That is why there is place left for the motif, for the man. This time the motif is the frame, the man is the one watching it.